The Officers of Madison Lodge No. 221 would like to thank you for visiting our website.  Please feel free to make time to join us at one of our stated meeting or special events this year.
Worshipful Master - WB Chris Mann
Senior Warden - WB Jeremy Graham
Junior Warden - WB Ron Mullins
Secretary -WB David Nunn, Jr.
Assistant Secretary -RWB Pat Comer
Treasurer -WB Chris Gibbs
Chaplain - WB Lyndall V. Mullins
Senior Deacon -  Ben Morgan 
Junior Deacon - Earnest Sink
Senior Steward - WB Edgar Thompson
Junior Steward - Kyle Gilliam
LEO - RWB Pat Comer
Tyler - WB Kory Weldy
Trustee 5 year - WB Chris Gibbs
Trustee 4 year - WB David Nunn, Jr.
Trustee 3 year - WB Doug Gerber
Trustee 2 year - WB Pat Comer
Trustee 1 Year - WB Siddhartha Saran
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