Most are men who go about their jobs and professions with no hint they are Freemasons except for the way they lead their lives. Many are readily recognizable by name, face, or accomplishment. George Washington and thirteen other Presidents, eight Vice Presidents and forty-two Justices of the Supreme Court have been Masons.

Famous Masons

Eddy Arnold
Roy Acuff
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
Gene Autry
L. Van Beethoven
Irving Berlin
Simon Bolivar
Ernest Borgnine
Omar Bradley
Richard E. Byrd
DeWitt Clinton
Ty Cobb
George M. Cohan
Davy Crockett
Norm Crosby
Cecil B. deMille
Jack Dempsey
John Diefenbaker
Jimmy Doolittle
Duke Ellington
John Elway
Sir Alexander Fleming
Gerald R. Ford
Henry Ford
Benjamin Franklin
Clark Gable
Benjamin Gilman
John Glenn
Arthur Godfrey
Barry Goldwater
John Hancock
Harry Hershfield
Harry Houdini
Sam Houston
Hubert H. Humphrey
Burl Ives
Andrew Jackson
Al Jolson
John Paul Jones
Jack Kemp
Rudyard Kipling
Marquis de Lafayette
Fiorello LaGuardia
Charles Lindberg
Douglas MacArthur
George C.Marshall
Thurgood Marshall
Charles W. Mayo
James Monroe
Wolfgang A. Mozart
Audey Murphy
Arnold Palmer
Dr. Norman V. Peale
J.C. Penny
John Pershing
Eddie Rickenbacker
Branch Rickey
Will Rogers
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin D.Roosevelt
David Sarnoff
Jean Sibelius
Red Skelton
John Philip Sousa
Danny Thomas
Dave Thomas
Lowell Thomas
Harry S. Truman
Booker T. Washington
George Washington
Thomas J. Watson
John Wayne
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