2017 Turkey Shoot

Sponsored by the Madison Lodge HI-12 Craft Club


 *** New Location ***
1570 State Rt. 38 NW. London, Ohio 43140

Starts at Noon

October - 15th - 22nd - 29th

November - 5th - 12th - 19th

For over 35 years the Craft Club has sponsored a Turkey Shoot to support Donations from Madison Lodge 221 Free & Accepted Masons to various West Jefferson organizations. Including the West Jefferson Schools Book Fair, Secret Santa for area children, Thanksgiving Dinners, The Food Pantry and Scholarships for West Jefferson High School students.

Thank you to all the shooters who come out each year to support this event and the West Jefferson local organizations.

A Special Thanks to EGA Defense, LLC Training Co. for donating a shooting area for this special event


OPEN SHOOT for shotguns // 12 & 20 Ga. Only // ALL AMMO PROVIDED



The following brethren have distinguished themselves outside of the Lodge in the District and other Masonic Bodies in Ohio.  We are thankful for their service and dedication to Masonry.

    District Deputies:
  • RWB Charles A. Dyer (2012-2014)
  • RWB John R. Hartsock (1998-2000)
  • RWB Ronald J. Weldy (1989-1991)
  • RWB William Monford Smith (1953-1955)
    District Education Officers:
  • WB Jeremy Graham (2020-current)
  • WB Pat Comer (2019-current)
  • WB R. Adam Wilson (2012-2015) - 19th District
  • RWB John R. Hartsock (1995-1997)
  • RWB Ronald J. Weldy (1986-1988)
  • WB Gary J. Sickles (1982-1983)
    District Presidents:
  • RWB Charles A. Dyer (2012)
  • WB R. Adam Wilson (2012) - 19th District
  • WB Edgar A. Thompson II (2009)
  • RWB John R. Hartsock (1995)
  • WB Lyndall B. Mullins (1986)
     Other Masonic Bodies:
  • Ill. Kris A. Weldy 33°
  • Ill. Ronald J. Weldy 33°
  • John R. Hardsock, PDDGHP, KYCH
Past MasterAs with any organization, the current leaders of the Lodge must rely on the events, history, and opinions of those that have gone before.  Listed here is the leadership of our history which provides the strong backbone of our lodge through today.

We thank them for their dedicated service to Madison Lodge, and overall devotion to our ancient craft.

2021 Doug Gerber
2020 Doug Gerber
2019 Pat Comer
2018 Siddartha Saran
2017 Joshua W. Beasley
2016 Joshua W. Beasley
2015 Paul A. Thompson
2014 Cress W. Jenkins
2013 Donald Clark
2012 Charles A. Dyer, PDDGM
2011 Edgar A. Thompson II
2010 R. Adam Wilson
2009 Ron L. Mullins
2008 CJ Weldy
2007 Harold McFarland
2006 Edgar A. Thompson II
2005 Kurt Weldy
2004 John Mullins
2003 Harry Gwynn
2002 Kory Weldy
2001 Kris A. Weldy
2000 Charles R. Cochran
1999 Charles L. Miller
1998 Charles R. Cochran
1997 Irvin Thirtyacre, Jr.
1996 Lloyd T. Cochran
1995 John Starkey
1994 John Hartsock, PDEO, PDDGM
1993 Frank D. Hudson
1992 K. Gordon Dike
1991 Michael Krull
1990 Ron Davis
1989 Flyod Munson
1987 James E. McCoy
1986 Gene Carter
1985 Ronald J. Weldy, PDEO, PDDGM
1984 Lyndall Mullins
1983 David A. Peters
1982 Greg W. Sickles
1981 Gary Sickles, PDEO
1980 Robert Eierman
1979 Eugene McDonald
1978 Tim E. Hay
1977 James H. Smith
1976 Billy R. Cordial
1975 David C. Fitzpatrick
1974 Terrill Hay
1973 Donald J. Hay
1972 David F. Ogilvie
1970 Gary L. Hay
1969 George C. Campbell
1968 Ralph L. Parsons, Jr.
1967 Robert L. Hillman
1966 Vernon E. Winters
1965 Wilber McGlaughlin
1964 Louis E. Miller
1963 George C. Lindsey
1962 Dennis Flora, Jr.
1961 Don Gene Graves
1960 Hoyt Graves
1959 George Cardosi
1958 Charles G. George
1957 Charles G. George
1956 Clare McNutt
1955 Donald E. Bidwell
1954 Ellis O. Chambers
1953 George W. Baber
1952 Clarence J. Shook
1951 Frank L. Wilcox
1950 Donald M. Strother
1949 Wayne H. Biggert
1948 Harold Bidwell
1947 Milliard F. Stilling
1946 Charles P. Hay
1945 Monford Smith, PDDGM
1944 Harold Hyland
1943 Paul B. Holway
1942 Gerald Poulson
1942 William Lash
1941 W. J. Stormont
1940 Howard Frisbey
1939 J. Albot Clark
1938 Ralph E. Gillivan
1937 R. Glenn Bidwell
1936 W. M. Clark
1935 Homer Braithwaite
1934 Harold B. Rader
1933 John M. Palmer
1932 Russell I. Blauser
1931 B. A. Sargent
1930 W. H. Dickinson
1929 James C. Kile
1928 James C. Kile
1927 Earl E. Gregg
1926 Earl E. Gregg
1925 Conklin Jackson
1924 Conklin Jackson
1923 Roy Wood
1922 Roy Wood
1921 L. C. Dick
1920 F. L. Olney
1919 F. L. Olney
1918 H. F. Jackson
1917 F. G. Brown
1916 Steven C. Smith
1915 Steven C. Smith
1914 Ashton A. Gregg
1913 Ashton A. Gregg
1912 E. W. Johnson
1911 E. W. Johnson
1910 L. E. Evan
1909 L. E. Evan
1908 Frank L. Wright
1907 C. S. Duff
1906 H. F. Jackson
1905 Clinton H. Davis
1904 A. F. Green
1903 A. F. Green
1902 H. F. Jackson
1901 Clinton H. Davis
1900 L. F. Scofeld
1899 J. C. Plimell
1898 J. C. Plimell
1897 W. E. Polstle
1896 W. E. Polstle
1895 Finis High
1894 Finis High
1893 John H. Bidwell
1892 John H. Bidwell
1891 Z. R. Taylor
1890 Z. R. Taylor
1889 Martin V. High
1888 Martin V. High
1887 T. J. Stutson
1886 T. J. Stutson
1885 T. J. Stutson
1884 T. J. Stutson
1883 T. J. Stutson
1882 T. J. Stutson
1881 T. J. Stutson
1880 T. J. Stutson
1879 T. J. Stutson
1878 T. J. Stutson
1877 M. W. Stutson
1876 T. J. Stutson
1875 T. J. Stutson
1874 T. J. Stutson
1873 T. J. Stutson
1872 T. J. Stutson
1871 T. J. Stutson
1870 Alexander Swantson
1869 T. J. Stutson
1868 T. J. Stutson
1867 T. J. Stutson
1866 T. J. Stutson
1865 T. J. Stutson
1864 T. J. Stutson
1863 T. J. Stutson
1862 T. J. Stutson
1861 T. J. Stutson
1860 T. J. Stutson
1859 T. J. Stutson
1858 T. J. Stutson
1857 T. J. Stutson
1856 T. J. Stutson
1855 T. J. Stutson
1854 O. P. Crabbe
1853 Benjamin Crabbe
1852 Benjamin Crabbe
1851 Benjamin Crabbe

Sprig of AcciaThis page is dedicated to members of Madison Lodge who have laid there working tools to rest and have traveled to that house not made of hands, eternal in the heavens.


Whereas, It has pleased our Heavenly Father, in his infinite wisdom, to remove from amongst us our esteemed Brother and Fellow member:
  • Ronald J. Weldy, Who passed from this life November 25th, 2007
  • Valrods E. Neilands, Who passed from this life February 15th, 2009
  • Kelly L. Rankin, Who passed from this life August 9th, 2009
  • Carl J. Prater, Who passed from this life April 23rd, 2010
  • Dewey Copley Jr., Who passed from this life June 17th, 2010
  • James A. Cunliff, Who passed from this life August 21st, 2010
  • Charlie. W. Cochran, Who passed from this life September 30th, 2010


Whereas, The life that made our association with him pleasant is at an end, and the gates are closed upon our further intercourse; and

Whereas, By his many ennobling traits of character he had endeared himself to us, and in his career has left an example to his friends and fellow members; and,

Whereas, Those manly qualifications which he passed influence us in a sincere desire to testify to an appreciation of his life amongst us; be it therefore

Resolved, That in the death of, Our Brother, Who was a member of Madison Lodge No. 221 Free and Accepted Masons, we sincerely deplore the loss of one to whom we had become affectionately attached by long association and by relations which were never marred by the least occurrence of an unfriendly act.

Farewell Good and Faithful Servant...
The Officers of Madison Lodge No. 221 would like to thank you for visiting our website.  Please feel free to make time to join us at one of our stated meeting or special events this year.
Worshipful Master - David Nunn, Jr.
Senior Warden - Chris Gibbs
Junior Warden - Chris Mann
Secretary - Pat Comer, PM
Assistant Secretary - Ernest Sink
Treasurer -Sidartha Saran, PM
Chaplain - Lyndall V. Mullins, PM
Senior Deacon -  Daniel Nottingham 
Junior Deacon - Earnest Sink
Senior Steward - Paul Cavinee
Junior Steward - James D. Smith
LEO - Pat Comer, PM
Tyler - Ron Mullins, PM
Marshall - John Mullins, PM
Trustee 5 year -Jeremy Graham, PM 
Trustee 4 year - Doug Gerber, PM
Trustee 3 year - Pat Comer, PM 
Trustee 2 year - Sidartha Saran, PM
Trustee 1 Year - Joshua W. Beasley, P.M.

Upcoming Events

Stated Meeting
   May 9th @ 7:30pm

9th District Meeting
   May 16th @ 7PM
   At Mt. Sterling #100

Stated Meeting
   May 23rd @ 7:30pm
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